Music Notes

On Making Music

Music is not something we "do", the way we do chores. We "make" music, the way we make a sculpture, or a mosaic, or a delicious dinner. It is an act of creative invention to fuse your intelligence and artistry with that of say, Johann Sebastian Bach. When you play a piece by Bach, a flute sonata (or even a transcription of one of the pieces Bach aptly titled "Inventions"), you and Bach collaborate. He heard notes in his head nearly three hundred years ago, long before cell phones or electricity, and put them down on a page, dipping his pen into an ink bottle. You put a silver tube to your lips, and bring the notes, which are freeze dried on the page, back to life. And someone hears you--
someone is always listening. Your parents, your brothers and sisters, your grandparents, your neighbors, your dogs and cats. Hopefully your dog will not sing along, but I've heard of this too.

Practice for love

Perhaps at the same moment when you are playing your flute, others are playing in Germany, or Russia, or Scotland. There is a time difference-- but perhaps in Scotland someone is playing at 4 PM when you are playing it at 9 PM. Or an insomniac in Japan is playing in the middle of the night. Who knows? There is probably a ninety year old man playing somewhere and a 9 year old girl somewhere else. Across oceans and centuries, time zones, age disparities, there is one thing that unites everyone--playing the flute.

Practice for love. Bring something to life. Make something beautiful every day. Make music. 


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