I am so blessed to have studied under Alison for ten years. She taught me from the moment I picked up the flute to my first step into college. These were my most formative years as a flutist, and she instilled the vital foundational skills and seeds of musical expression needed to pursue a career in music. I not only developed as a flutist while studying under her, but also grew personally as an individual. I truly would not be where I am now without her wonderful wisdom, tutelage, and guidance. She sparked my love of music!

Jillian Coscio, Flute Performance Major at Carnegie-Mellon University

Gary Schocker

A sensitive musician and caring person with excellent problem solving skills.  I recommend her without reservation.


I studied with Alison Hubbard from fifth grade through eleventh grade. I subsequently went on to study at Manhattan School of Music. Since graduating Manhattan, I have been playing professionally and teaching all ages and levels of students. Alison gave me a fantastic foundation for my playing. She is disciplined, consistent, caring and has high expectations. I had a solid foundation of correct flute playing. I didn't have to unlearn anything, just expand upon what she already provided me. She also allowed me to observe her teaching, so that I could learn to be a good teacher with people of all levels. I know it is because of her that I am comfortable teaching beginners from age 8 up through college music majors.

Jennifer Dior
UNC-Charlotte flute instructor
Charlotte Symphony Orchestra

Jeri McCarthy
Parent of Kieran McCarthy Fell, who is presently at UNC Chapel Hill

Alison Hubbard has mentored my daughter for more than ten years. She provides the best in private, personalized flute lessons, but her dedication is greater than that. Alison is interested in the growth of the whole student, and celebrates all of his or her accomplishments. She knows how to motivate without creating unnecessary pressure. She brings music alive by explaining the background of the pieces being studied, giving students a broader appreciation of their beauty. Alison demonstrates that music is a cooperative undertaking between musicians, as well as musicians and listeners. The developing flutist learns what it means to be a considerate, professional musician by following her example. 

In addition to guiding progress in lessons, Alison's help was integral in preparing flute and piccolo performances for NYSSMA, All-State, and every aspect of college auditions. Her friendship and encouragement continue while my daughter is attending college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to earn a degree in music performance. Alison is a consummate and caring teacher.


As a pianist, I have accompanied many of Alison’s fine students throughout the years. She is a warm, caring teacher who knows how to get her students to strive to work up to their full potential. Any flute student would be lucky to have her as a teacher!

Christine Dore, Professor of Instrumental Coaching at LIU
PostFreelance accompanist and chamber musician

Kieran McCarthy Fell
Flute Performance Major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Alison is one of the most talented and motivational people that I have ever been fortunate enough to learn from. I consider myself so privileged to have been a student of hers for eight years, and to continue to benefit from her warm, understanding, unfailingly generous personality and wise mentoring and advice. Studying with Alison throughout my middle school and high school years provided me with a technical foundation that set me in good stead to continue my studies as a flute performance major in college, but even more importantly that time encouraged my love for music and instilled in me a real understanding of the way it enables communication and brings people together. It would be impossible to thank Alison enough for her encouragement and support, in both musical and extra-musical situations, throughout more than half of my life, and I cannot recommend her more highly as a teacher. Every musician should be so lucky as to study with an instructor as artistic, dedicated, sensitive, and inspiring as Alison


Alison is a wonderful teacher and person.  I have known her for over 20 years first as my teacher, and now as a friend and flute colleague.  Alison is the reason I now have a successful musical career - without her kind ways and smart, methodical teaching methods at the start, I wouldn't have had the inspiration and guidance that led me to pursue flute performance.  She is truly one of the most caring, sincere teachers I have ever met - any flutist would be lucky to study with her! 

Jessica Hull-Dambaugh
Principal Flutist, Charleston Symphony Orchestra, SC


Gabrielle Garra, Sophomore at Cold Spring Harbor High School

Ms. Alison is the perfect example of how to stay positive in a stressful situation. I have learned so much for working with her over the years and cannot imagine my musical life without her in it. She is so unbelievably talented as a flutist and teacher.


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